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Reklaw, Texas

Reklaw History 1934. Reklaw, which bears the surname of the owner of the town site, Margaret L. Walker, spelled in reverse order, was established as a result of the building of the Texas and New Orleans Railroad. In 1908 it was made a voting precinct Among the early citizens were the Gilbreaths, Irwins, Talleys, Avaras, Russells, DeVaneys, and Richeys. J. B. Parnell had the first store. John Irwin soon followed. Its 1934 merchants include V. M. Holmes, S. P. Holmes, W. G. Weatherby, Tom Summers, and F. C. SteagalL The town has three churches and a six-teacher school. - A History of Cherokee County, 1934 by Hattie Joplin Roach


Reklaw, TX 31° 51' 45.6192" N, 94° 59' 15.7848" W