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New Summerfield, Texas

New Summerfield, once called Summerfield, is located at the intersection of U.S. Highway 79 and State Highway 110, ten miles east of Jacksonville in northeast Cherokee County.


Summerfield. Pioneers in the Summerfield neighborhood, whose coming antedates the establishment of the town by several decades, include the Dotsons, Dodsons, Tennison, Gills, Fullertons, Smells, Dicksons, Nicholsons, Tiptons, Summers and Truitts. The town of Summerfield, named for the Summers family, owners of the site, dates from the late '90s [1890s] when Isaac W. Tipton opened the first store. He was also the first postmaster. In 1934, Summerfield business men include E. M. Nicholson, T. J. Heath, A. G. Tipton, A. Dickson, J. T. Darby, Ted Stovall and Clyde Richardson. A nine-teacher school, housed in a modern brick building, is the pride of the community. Three churches also play an important role in community life. The Methodist Church, a brick building, is the descendant of the pioneer Union Chapel Church, located a mile southwest of Summerfield. Recently opened highways have brought new life to the town. - A History of Cherokee County, 1934 by Hattie Joplin Roach

Clint Trotter and Charlie Connor ran a blacksmith and woodworking ship. Joe Brady had a blacksmith shop. Elmer Cowan operated a drugstore, barbershop, and shingle mill. Doctors Fullerton, Tennison, and Bell practiced medicine. Dr. Bell had a telephone switchboard in his home. - Handbook of Texas Online

Summerfield developed rapidly because the crossroads led to towns where farm products could be marketed. In 1912 the school was one of the best in the county. By 1925 plant farms became a major industry. Greenhouses replaced open-field plant farms in the 1940s. The post office was discontinued in 1905 but reopened in 1938, when the name was changed to New Summerfield, because Summerfield, Castro County, had opened a post office. New Summerfield was incorporated, and the first town officials were sworn in on August 23, 1963. In 1988 the town had a city hall, a fire station, a post office, a school, several businesses, a Masonic lodge, three cemeteries (McDonald, Dodson, and Union Chapel), and three churches (Methodist, Baptist, and Church of Christ). Greenhouses, Christmas tree farms, and ranches are important to the economy. The population in 1988 was recorded as 314. In 1990 it was 521. The population grew to 998 in 2000.  - Read the rest of Summerfield History from the Handbook of Texas Online.


New Summerfield, TX 31° 58' 50.6028" N, 95° 5' 37.7952" W