Morrill, Texas

Morrill, located on Farm Road 1911 two miles off Highway 69, is fifteen miles southeast of Rusk in southern Cherokee County,


Morrill Orchard Company. Peach farmer Roland Morrill (1852-1923) came to Texas from his native Michigan with W. W. McFarland in 1901 to start a large-scale peach farm. They purchased acreage in this area near a rail line and began the Morrill Orchard Company. A community known as Morrill grew up around the orchard operation and included a school, commissary, post office and worker housing. The panic of 1907, followed by a blight in 1914, killed the peach orchards, but the company continued in operation with other produce until the economic collapse of 1929 signaled its demise. At the turn of the 21st century, the superintendent’s house stood as the only visible reminder of this part of the county’s agricultural history. – Historical Marker Text. Marker erected 2002. Located 3.7 mi. S of Alto on FM 1911

Morrill was named for Rowland Morrill, who established the village in 1903 as a base of operations for his Morrill Orchard Company. Located on the St. Louis Southwestern Railway, the community served a shipping point for fruit growers. The area proved to be in a “frost pocket” that frequently caused the fruit to be ruined. With the onslaught of the Great Depression, the company finally closed. In 1940 Morrill had one store, a school, and a population of 100. The school was later closed, but as late as 1966 the area still reported 100 residents. In the early 1990s Morrill was a dispersed rural community. In 2002 a Texas Historical Marker was erected honoring Morrill Orchard Company. At that time a superintendent’s house was still standing. Source: Handbook of Texas Online


31° 35′ 32.4528″ N, 95° 3′ 55.0584″ W