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Hughes Springs, Texas


Founded by Reece Hughes (1811-1893), who settled in Texas, 1839. In 1841 he married Elizabeth Rose, daughter of patriot Wm. Pinckney Rose. Her dowry enabled him to start a great plantation. After her death in 1853, he wed her sister, Mrs. J. w. Scott. In 1847 Reece Hughes founded the town of Hughes Springs at a famous chalybeate (iron salt-bearing) spring. It prospered for some years, becoming the site of a large boarding school and a favored place for church camp meetings, but later it declined. In 1878, Hughes' descendants founded present Hughes Springs. - Historical Marker Text.  Marker erected 1969.

Chalybeate Springs. (Pronounced "KA LIB E ATE) Discovered in 1839 by brothers Reece and Robert Hughes (from Alabama) while looking for pirate gold. springs derive name from iron salts in water. In 1847 Reece Hughes (1811-1893), wealthy planter who later built iron foundry, started the first town of Hughes Springs here. - Historical Marker Text. Marker erected 1969.  Located at Spring Park on 3rd St. (between Ward and Harrison St.), Hughes Springs.

W. D. McMillen Delivery, Hughes Springs, TexasTrammel's Trace.  Entered Cass County at Epperson's Ferry. Continued south and west in an arc, passing through Chalybeate Springs (Hughes Springs). This 1813 pioneer trail originated in St. Louis and linked the "Southwest Trail" with the King's Highway to Mexico. It was laid out by Nicholas Trammel (1780-1852). - Historical Marker Text.  Marker erected 1967.  Located in Spring Park on 3rd St. between Ward and Harrison St., Hughes Springs.


W. D. McMillen Delivery, Hughes Springs, Texas


Hughes Springs, TX 32° 59' 54.4632" N, 94° 37' 50.7324" W