Dalton, Texas

Dalton TX


Trammel’s Trace.  Many prominent Texas pioneers traveled past this site as they entered Texas via the historic Texas route known as Trammel’s Trace, which crosses this field. Near here, Trammel’s Trace joined the Spanish or Mexican Trace connecting early settlements on the Red River with the El Camino Real near Nacogdoches.

Texas Dalton

In 1813, horse trader and smuggler Nicholas Trammell established the road which bears his name, widening it for wagon use in 1824. By beginning at Fulton, Arkansas, on the great bend of the Red River, Trammell extended the great Southwest Immigration Road from St. Louis (Missouri) into Texas. The trace entered Texas north of Texarkana (Bowie Co.) and crossed the Sulphur River into Cass County at Epperson’s Ferry. It headed past this point and joined the pre-existing Spanish Trace (1 mi. southwest). Trammell then improved the Spanish Trace southward to Nacogdoches. Trammell likely reused some trails that were worn down by centuries of travel by game animals, Native Americans and the Spanish.

Dalton Texas
Dalton Texas

By the 1850s, other roads from the distant communities of Monterey, Daingerfield, Boston, Naples and Clarksville also converged on the junction, and a community developed near this hub of early roads. The site would become known as Old Unionville when residents moved the town north after the Civil War. Although the community no longer exists, archeological research has located the former settlement and documented the convergence of early roads at the site. Today, few vestiges of Trammel’s Trace remain, but continued use of this section into the 20th century as a county road preserved this portion of the important immigration route. – Historical Marker Text. Marker erected 2008.  Located on SW 77W, just east of intersection w/ CR 2729.

TX Dalton


33° 12′ 17.46″ N94° 35′ 48.732″ W

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