Atlanta, Texas


Atlanta-Miller Grade School. Public education in Atlanta dates to 1874. Prior to the civil rights era of the mid-20th century, separate schools served Anglo and African American students. The school at this site, known initially as Atlanta Grade School, was built for white students in 1936 with federal funding through the Works Progress Administration. Due to high enrollment, building additions were completed over the years. Known later as Miller Grade School, the facility was integrated in 1970 and remained in use as a public school until 1974. It was used for various services through the 1990s. A group of citizens concerned about its preservation purchased the building from the school district in 2001. – Historical Marker Text. Marker erected 2006. Located at 200 West Miller Street, Atlanta.

Smith – Hicks House. Built 1887. Splendid example of colonial architecture of 19th century. Former home of Judge A. C. Smith and later of Texas Supreme Court Justice Ralph Hicks Harvey. Four generations have lived continuously in this home. Although it has been remodeled on several occasions care has always been exercised to maintain the original architecture. The home contains much of the original furniture and china. Recorded Texas Historic Landmark – 1963. Located at 606 Hiram at corner w/Harvey.

Smith-Hoyt-Youngs Home. Recorded Texas Historic Landmark – 1963.

United Methodist Church of Atlanta. The Rev. J. Osgood organized the earliest members of the first United Methodist Church in 1873 under a brush arbor. On this site their first structure was built (1875) with an “amen corner” and a belfry on the neo-classic front. In the second church, erected in 1890, stained glass windows lit the sanctuary and a choir bay backed the pulpit. A brick edifice was erected in 1917 and dedicated in 1927 by Bishop Sam B. Hay of Houston. An education building was given as a memorial in 1938. The present church, seating 600, was built in 1953. Remodeling was carried out in 1956. – Historical Marker Text. Marker erected 1976. Located at 701 Lindsey Lane, Atlanta.


Atlanta, TX 33° 6′ 49.4712″ N, 94° 9′ 51.6744″ W