Callahan City, Texas


Callahan City was once the county seat of Callahan County, but only a temporary county seat when the county was first formed in 1877. When an election was held to determine the county seat, nearby Belle Plaine won the distinction. Callahan City soon disappeared. Ironically, Belle Plaine was the county seat for only a few years from 1887 until 1883, when Baird was named the county seat.

Callahan City. Callahan County was created in 1858 and named for Texas Ranger James H. Callahan (1814-56). Permanent settlement of this area began after the Civil War (1861-65). Residents petitioned in 1877 for organization of county government. Callahan City, then a village with two stores and a post office, became temporary county seat when the first commissioners court met here on July 30, 1877. The nearby town of Belle Plaine won a spirited election for permanent county seat in December 1877. After the Callahan City post office moved there six months later, this community soon disappeared. – Historical Marker Text. Marker erected 1977. Located on FM 2228, south of I-20.

Callahan City Cemetery. Established prior to the organization of Callahan County in 1877. Burial place of many pioneers who came here during era of Indians and great early ranches. Served people of such bygone towns as Admiral, Callahan City, and other neighboring communities. – Historical Marker Text. Marker erected 1967. Located on FM 2228, south of I-20.


Admiral, TX 32° 18′ 51.8796″ N, 99° 17′ 42.432″ W