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Bosque County Courthouses


Bosque County Courthouse 1851 - First Courthouse, with walls of vertical pickets and hand-riven oak weatherboards, located on a lot north of the public square. In use until 1860.

Bosque County Courthouse 1860 - Second Courthouse, three room frame building.  Burned in 1871.

Bosque County Courthouse 1875
Bosque County Courthouse 1875. Photo from the Texas Historic Sites Atlas.

Bosque County Courthouse 1875 - Third Courthouse, two story stone structure with a cupola, forty-six feet square. Building was demolished.

Bosque County Courthouse, Meridian, Texas late 1890s
Bosque County Courthouse, late 1890s
Bosque County Courthouse, Meridian, Texas
1950s, the Clock Tower and decorative elements on the roof were removed in 1935.

Bosque County Courthouse 1886 - Current Courthouse.  A Romanesque Revival style building designed by J.J. Kane and built by P. J. Loonie.  Locally quarried cut limestone building with carved details cover this three-story courthouse. 'A beautiful and irreplaceable work of fine limestone, quarried locally.' (Robinson) The technologically advanced structural system of metal and concrete floor system was an early attempt at fireproof construction. The facade is a five-part plan consisting of a central clock tower, pavilions at the corners, and narrow entrance sections between each pavilion and the central tower. All of the openings are round arches. Noteworthy features include rusticated pilasters, carved medallions, and engaged colonettes. The repetition of the full arched openings provide a unified rhythm throughout. - National Register of Historic Places Listing.

Constructed in 1886-1887, the fourth courthouse was controversial since many residents believed that a proposed $60,000 edifice would bankrupt the county. Reportedly, the intensity of disagreement between the "courthouse party" and the "anti-courthouse party" reached riot intensity at the time the 1875 edifice was to be razed. However, peace prevailed but today this dispute over construction is reflected on the cornerstone, where the names of the county judge and only two of the four county commissioners appear. - National Register of Historic Places Listing.

Central clock tower and pyramidal corner roofs removed in 1935 through a Works Projects Administration progrfam.  Two-story addition constructed on west side. Decorative elements removed or changed.  In 1991, elevator and handicap ramps added. Windows replaced.

Bosque County Courthouse, restored to its original grandeur in 2007.  Photo from Wikimedia Commons





In 2007, the court house was restored to earlier grandeur.

Bosque County Courthouse. Limestone quarried from nearby hills. Gothic styling. Clock tower modified, 1935, to strengthen roof. Unique iron stairs and railing remain. County's fourth courthouse. First, in 1854, was one-room log cabin. Recorded Texas Historic Landmark, 1965. - Historical Marker Text.

Bosque County Courthouse, Meridian, Texas 1940s

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