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Austin County Courthouses


San Felipe de Austin. From 1837 to 1848 San Felipe de Austin was the County Seat of Austin County.

Austin County Courthouse 1848. The first Austin County Courthouse in Bellville was a one story, wood frame building, constructed on a lot that was 31 1/2 feet wide by 60 feet deep (Lot 4, Block F) in 1848. Previously, the county records had previously been stored in San Felipe.

Austin County Courthouse 1850. A one story, wood frame building with a central courtroom with two offices on each side and shed roofed porch, Salamander Fire Proof safe purchase for this building authorized May 17, 1854, November 19, 1855 it was authorised that the building be sold (to be moved) at auction. - Texas Historic Sites Atlas

Austin County Courthouse 1855. Built to plans and specifications "on file" with county as of May 17, 1854, $14,790, to be built to the rear and to the west of 1850 courthouse but December 27, 1854 decided to move existing courthouse to one side to make room for new the one, two story, brick, courtroom and jury on second to be reached via a pair of exterior stairs and county offices on the first floor, "12 columns outside of and in connection with the building", foundation to be "18 inches beneath the surface of the earth and 3 feet wide and to be laid upon good post oak lumber 6 inches in thickness", completed November 20, 1855, 1875 description mentions "an iron portico from which the oyez of time were sounded" on the east side, $2950 addition made and $560 Mosler safe installed in 1877, $150 iron veranda added 1880. Architect Eugene Heiner of Houston recorded as observing that the building was "liable to fall at almost any moment" on September 3, 1884. The building was torn down in 1887.  Reportedly some of the iron portions were reused in the next courthouse. - Texas Historic Sites Atlas

Austin County Courthouse 1887. Built in 1887 for $37,500, the courthouse was a three story Second Empire style courthouse with crossing hallway plan and long axis along east-west corridor. The courtroom stretched all the way across the second floor running north and south. The clock in the clock tower was purchased by subscription in 1886.  The building burned early on the morning of April 5, 1960. Bellville, TX Courthouse Fire, Apr 1960 at

Austin County Courthouse 1960. The 1960 courthouse (current courthouse) was built upon the courthouse square. It is a modern style building constructed of granite and concrete.


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