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Neches History 1936

Neches History Written in 1936

The I&GN Railway, coming into Anderson County in 1872, was responsible for the existence of the town of Neches. One public-spirited citizen, J. J. (Jack) Davis, donated the land (a part of the A. R. Stevens survey) to the town as a site for its business part, while balance of the townsite, on the Ogden survey was donated by another as loyal, Murdock McDonald. The land, donated originally to the I&GN Railway was surveyed and developed by the New York and Texas Land Co., Ltd. All original deeds in the town were signed by this company.

On the site of the present telephone exchange, Jack Davis erected the first house in town. The Davis family still own the property. P. W. Ezell and Bennett Posey and families were the first to move into Neches. Mr. Laban Suggs, Messrs. Ezell and Posey established the first general merchandising store in town. Mr. Suggs, whose farm home was one and one-half miles south of town, was the first farmer to introduce Jersey cattle into the community, probably in the county, as well. Jersey cattle are still in evidence in this section.

Murdock McDonald built and operated Neches' first hotel. Its site was that on which Mrs. J. B. McDonald's home stands today. J. I. A. Capps was Neches' first postmaster. T. R. Dunn succeeded him in 1872, serving till 1906. The post office was located in a building which occupied the J. B. McDonald store's present site. F. 0. Carroll succeeded Mr. Dunn. Other postmasters to serve have been: Mrs. A. A. Maraman, (Mrs. C. W. Doss) , John F. Brown, A. D. Mahaffey, Earnest Daly, Laura Daly, L. S. Spalding, E. S. Howe, Mrs. Irene King.

Neches' first drug store was opened in 1872 by T. R. Dunn, the son of founder, Mr. E. S. Dunn, owning and operating same business today.

Mr. Geo. C. Osborn was the first station agent. An important post, as a large territory was served by Neches. Fincastle in Henderson County, old Kickapoo and Mound Prairie, then a thriving community, all had overland freight lines from Neches.

Neches' first blacksmiths were: Jas. A. Charlton and John A. Kelley. Former has been serving as County Treasurer of Harris County for the past thirty years. By a singular coincidence his one time partner, Mr. Kelley, served his county as Treasurer, also.

The first photograph gallery was owned and run by Mr. Geo. H. McDonald. Afterwards, studios in Palestine, Athens and Dallas were operated by him. 

Today many choice pieces of furniture are found in Neches' homes which were made by Neches' first cabinet, maker, Mr. John R. Sammons. The first tannery was owned by J. I. A. Capps. It occupied a spot near Mrs. Frances Delk's residence.



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