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Frankston History 1936

Frankston History Written in 1936

Frankston. In 1900 a railroad crew, surveying lines for a proposed railroad from Dallas to Beaumont, came through a beautiful section between the old historical points of Kickapoo and Fincastle. Here they surveyed and plotted a city, which was later to become Frankston. This was the T&NO railroad, and the site chosen for the new town was one hundred miles from Dallas, in the northeast corner of Anderson County. Within a twenty-five mile radius, of which the new townsite was the center, were the prosperous little cities of Palestine, Athens, Jacksonville, and Tyler.

Within a year of the time the surveying crew arrived, the T&NO was built to the townsite. The first service consisted of freight trains with a passenger coach attached. The Y on which these turned was located on the south side of the track, where Blackwell's Hotel was later located. The first depot was a box car which stood about one hundred yards east of the present depot. Mr. E. L. Jones was the first depot agent. Only one home was in Frankston at this time—the Holcomb home. In August 1901, C. P. Jones and wife moved to town and a little later, the adjoining house, occupied by S. E. Beard, was built. This block of two acres was owned by Perry, Boyd, and Jones, who had purchased same from J. C. Holcomb for forty-five dollars. A house partly completed was moved into about this time by Mr. Bostwick. He opened a hotel. The place later became the Morris home. Other houses were rapidly built after this, amongst them being the homes of Dr. G. H. Moss, Ed De-Laney, D. Garrett, Dr. Ayres, E. N. Robinson, Homer Garrison, W. M. Burtis, A. B. Mandelstam, J. M. Cook, E. L. Jones, Bart Bizzell, and J. M. Spencer.

On the spot later occupied by the Apostolic church, the first church building was erected. This was the Cumberland Presbyterian Church. For four years all denominations held services there. In December 1901, Rev. R. L. McQuistion of Jacksonville organized the first Baptist Church of Frankston. Other churches came fast. All grew and today four denominations have comfortable buildings- the Methodists, Baptists, Christians, and Apostolic.

Soon business shacks sprang up on the east side of the square. These were built by Frank Garner, George Beard, Bart and Lawson Bizzell and others.

A. J. Perry, W. H. Boyd, and C. P. Jones built the first large business house, in the summer of 1901. This was located on the southeast corner of the square, and housed the postoffice. S. E. Beard was postmaster. The office was first called Ayres, for Dr. Ayres, the only physician in the new town at that time. But Miss Frankie Miller had made herself much loved in the community, so the post-office and the railway station were named Frankston, in her honor. Within the next six months, Burtis-Robinson Drug Co. and the Mead Grocery Co. erected business houses, and J. M. Cook moved his goods from Kickapoo to his present location on west side of square. Deveraux and Garrison and W. M. Burtis, furniture, were located on the north side of square.



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