Elkhart History 1936

Elkhart History Written in 1936

Elkhart. The early days in Elkhart are described by her citizens whose interviews are here given. A few facts concerning conditions not fully discussed in these, however, may not be amiss.

The postmasters of Elkhart have been: Tom Harris, J. W. Bryant, Steve Horn, W. D. Hawthorn, A. G. Kennedy, Quarles Kennedy, and W. D. Hawthorn.

The depot agents have been: Mr. Ray, Albert Douthit, Will Neel, Ed Neel, Mr. Lawrence, Mr. Johnson, L. C. Ketcham, and J. L. Lipscomb.

One of these, Mr. Lawrence, an aged man, met with a tragic fate. His lifeless body was found on the railroad track near the depot early one morning about the year 1907. It was thought that a pass neared this, the noise grew louder. And there sat Mrs. Thomas busily spinning at the first spinning wheel we ever saw. It was many days before we forgot that scare, and to this day I think of a lion whenever spinning wheel is mentioned.”

– A Centennial History of Anderson County, Texas, 1936 by Pauline Buck Hohes.

Elkhart School. In 1898, the writer was astounded one day to receive an offer of a position to teach school. The offer came from Elkhart and she accepted. Inexperienced though she was, the idea of a community hunting’ up a stranger with an offer appealed to her. She reported for duty at the proper date. The small building which stood on the spot now occupied by the splendid brick school was crowded beyond its capacity. The writer enrolled sixty-seven pupils in her room, while her father’s department was also crowded. It was deemed best to move the primary-intermediate part of the school to the “court house” which stood close by—probably on the spot occupied by the Christian Church today.

In some fashion we “got along,” though this was the last year school was held in the two separate buildings. The next year a commodious new two story structure was ready for us. And one new teacher, Miss Lizzie Cromwell, was added. Affairs went better. The congestion was somewhat relieved, but there remained a few problems.

Some of the pupils of that day were: Dora McCracken (Mrs. Jesse Irby), Delma Irby (Mrs. T. W. Lewis) , Fannie Maude DuPuy (Mrs. Jo Monnig) , Bessie Watkins (Mrs. Egbert Gray) , Donnie Power (Mrs. C. B. Lester), Hazel Quarles, (Mrs. Ivan Gammage) Edwin Paxton, Aus McCracken, Ivan Gammage, Charlie, Jesse, and Roy Watkins, Jesse Irby, many of whom welcomed her return in 1931 to the old home after an absence of over twenty years.

Some of the other early teachers were: Mr. Repp, Mr. Dennis Brown, Miss Bettie Ellis (Mrs. Allie Douthit), Miss Sallie Brown (Mrs. John F. Austin), Miss Lela Robbins (Mrs. Bradford, Houston).



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