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Wichita Falls History 1922

Wichita Falls has the largest bank in West Texas, the City National Bank of Commerce, with resources of more than $20,000,000. The six banks of Wichita Falls had deposits at the last call of approximately $30,000,000. Wichita Falls is fifth among the cities of Texas in bank deposits and eighth in population. Wichita Falls paid more income tax to the United States Government than any other city in Texas.

Wichita Falls has more newly completed buildings than any other city of twice its size in the Southwest. The list includes the twelve-story City National Bank of Commerce Building, twelve-story American National Bank Building, eight-story Bob Waggoner Building and eight-story Kemp Hotel, newly opened and representing an investment of $1.500.000. There is not a more elegantly appointed hotel in the South  west than the Kemp, of this city.

It is a source of gratification to the leaders of Wichita Falls that a very large proportion of the money made by operators in this field has stayed in Wichita Falls in the form of permanent investments in magnificent residences, tall office buildings and in fertile farms in this county. The custom of investing in country homes adjacent to the new $5,000,000 irrigation project is growing in favor. The fertile lands of the valley of the Wichita River are to be irrigated by a project now being started. The bonds have already been voted and work on constructing the dam will he begun early in 1921. This project will make Wichita Falls the center of a thickly populated agricultural section in which the twenty-acre, intensively cultivated, one-family farm will be typical.

$3,000,000 is being spent for the construction of a system of forty-six miles of concrete roads throughout the county. Five miles of this road has just been completed, from Wichita Falls south to the Archer County line, $8,000,000 will be spent by the city and county on public works, including roads, streets and large sewer and water systems and municipal improvements during the next two years

Wichita Falls has six railroads and Wichita Falls capital is now extending the Wichita Southern from Newcastle south through Graham and Eliasville to Breckenridge to connect with these important points in the Southern oil fields.

Wichita Falls has a manufacturing and jobbing business totaling approximately $40,000,000 annually. Two of its factories, the Wichita Motors Company, making Wichita Trucks, and the Wichita Mill and Elevator Company, making Belle of Wichita Flour, distribute their products to many foreign countries.

Wichita Falls prides itself on the quality of its retail mercantile establishments. Its stores, in appointments and in range of stock and selection, rank with the best among the cities of the Southwest. Its annual volume of retail sales approximate $30,000,000.

The Wichita Falls Chamber of Commerce is one of the largest and best financed organizations of any city of twice the size in the South. Without disparaging its great material resources, Wichita Falls counts the spirit of its people its greatest asset. It is proud to be known as "The City That Faith Built," and the chief idea of its Chamber of Commerce is "To Make Wichita Falls a Better Place in Which to Live." - History of Texas, 1922, by W. Barrett Travis.


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