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Somervell County Sketch 1895

Dan Carmichael also essayed to hold the office of prosecuting attorney and succeeded in fighting his way into some notoriety. Others have attempted the duties of county attorney here, but most of them, after some sad experiences, have retired for want of convicting verdicts.

Most of the litigation which has occurred has been upon the civil dockets, and the county treasury has not been drawn heavily upon by reason of expensive trials.

Other gentlemen whose names appear herein have held important trusts in the county, and many of them have been county commissioners and justices of the peace. Regretful that I am not in possession of such facts as would enable me to be more explicit with respect to the events connected with these and many other prominent men of Somervell county, I close this subject with the observation that this is, perhaps with the exception of Delta, the smallest of the Texas counties.

Glen Rose, on the Paluxy and quite near its confluence with Squaw creek and the Brazos, has around it broad valleys of deep fertility, bounded with rugged cliffs, where the evergreen cedar growth gives the most enchanting views. Here are hundreds of everflowing artesian wells, obtained at depths varying from 80 to 300 feet, furnishing to the happy inhabitants an abundance of healthful water, and inviting strangers to sojourn and be revived.

The pride of Glen Rose and Somervell county is The Glen Rose Collegiate Institute, organized and chartered in 1889, largely through the efforts of J. J. Martin, Rev. A. S. Carver and T. O. Martin. It is under the control of Trinity presbytery of the Presbyterian church, which pays the salary of the Superintendent of the Institute. A large three-story building and six acres of land has been donated to it by the citizens of Glen Rose, who have felt its moral and intellectual effects. The first board of trustees elected were : H. S. Little, D. D. Denrson ; Rev. A. S. Carver, Glen Rose ; Rev. B. T. McClelland, Brownwood ; B. R. Milam, Glen Rose ; Rev. W. B. Riggs, Dallas, and T. O. Martin, Glen Rose.

A history of Hood County, Texas : from its earliest settlement to the present, together with biographical sketches of many leading men and women among the early settlers, as well as many incidents in the adjoining territory : also a sketch of the history of Somervell County, 1895, by Thomas T. Ewell


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