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Panola County Officials 1846-1936

Elected December 3, 1869: H. Pollard, District Clerk, A. B. Ross, Sheriff; and the following Justices of the Peace: Noah W. Gillespie, Precinct 2, Thomas G. Garner, Precinct 2; H. B. Jernigan, Precinct 3, B. D. Holland, Precinct No. 4, and J. L. 'Murphy, Precinct No. 5. Holland, failed to qualify and Murphy was removed. Appointed: Thomas Farrow. County Treasurer, August 4, 1870. William F. Nelson, County Surveyor August 23, 1870; M. H. Johns, Register, November 7, 1870; Board of Appeal, S. L. Davis, J. R. Bond, and J. J. Fain, November 7, 1870. J. L. Farrow was re-elected Justice of Peace, Precinct No. 5, December 1, 1870. Farrow was removed and Micajah H. Johnson was appointed County Treasurer in his stead July 26, 1871. Johns was removed and J. J. Fain was appointed, August 31, 1871. Fain resigned and Nathan Davis was appointed August 29, 1872. Davis failed to qualify and E. A. Jeter was elected County Treasurer November 8, 1872. W. F. Nelson, County Surveyor, was removed. and succeeded by Nathan C. Williams appointed July 26, 1871. Williams was removed and W. F. Nelson was elected to the office November 8, 1872.

S. L. Bond and J. J. Fain, members of the Board or Appeal, were removed and J. B. Rhodes and Joseph McDerbolt were appointed to succeed them August 31, 1871.

J. M. Fain (was appointed Register, September 6, 1871 and was succeeded by B. B. Anderson, appointed October 21, 1872, at which time a New Board of Appeal consisting of the following members was appointed: Jno. Durant, Albertus H. Baker, and W. F. Nelson.

Those elected February 15, 1876 were as follows: H. Fyke, County Judge; H. Pollard, County Clerk; J. M. Lawrence., District Clerk; A. M. Carter, County Attorney; S. B. Darnall, County Treasurer; W. F. Nelson, County Surveyor; A. B. Ross, Sheriff; F. M. Dagnell, Tax Assessor; D. W. Frazier, Tax Collector, the first time the two offices were separated; County Commissioners were Voce Swearingen, R. H. Brasher, H. L. Davis and E. A. Jeter; the following Justices of the Peace—one for each Precinct, Nos. 1 to 8 both inclusive, in the order named; T. E. Boren, R. A. Craig, G. S. Jeter, James W. Carter, E. G. Knight, Andrew Robe, John A. Leslie and S. P. Page; and the following Constables—one for each of the said Precincts, in the order named: J. W. Brad-berry, J. P. Forsyth, George Westmoreland, E. L. Armstrong, Richard D. Hill, James H. Shahan, John Davis and J. Henderson Ash.
A. M. Carter resigned and was succeded as County Attorney by R. E. Carswell, appointed May 14 1877. W. H. Nelson was appointed Constable for Precinct No. 8, January 14, 1877, vice J. Henderson Ash resigned. John E. Parker was appointed Constable for Precinct No. 5 May 14, 1877, vice Richard D. Hill, resigned. J. H. Long was appointed Justice of the Peace, Precinct No. 1, November 30, 1877, vice T. E. Boren, resigned.

Elected November 5, 1878: Thos. E. Boren, County Judge, Hamilton Pollard, County Clerk; James M. Lawrence, District Clerk; Joseph N. Hays, County Attorney; A. H. Baker, Jr., County Treasurer; Wm. F. Nelson, County Surveyor; Robert A. Nelson, Sheriff; F. M. Dognall, Tax Assessor, B. D. Holland, Tax Collector; James F. Wilson, G. S. Espy, James McMitchel and J. T. Holt, County Commissioners; the following Justices of the Peace for Precincts Nos. 1 to 8, both inclusive, in the order listed. J. H. Long, S. M. Chamness, Elijah Harkrider, W. J. Griswold, E. G. Knight, Malvin Collins, Joe L. Lindsey, J. M. Whitmore; and the following Constables for said Precincts in the order named: Wm. H. Ramsey, Richard Kirkley, Thos. M. Nichols, W. M. Holt, John Edwin Parker, Amos H. Thompson, James Witherspoon, and W. C. Copeland. E. G. Knight was appointed Justice of the Peace for Precinct No. 5 February 10, 1879. J. G. Harrison was appointed Constable for Precinct No. 8, February 10, 1879, vice Copeland. W. F. Nelson, having neglected to qualify sunder his election November 5, 1878, was appointed County Surveyor, May 12, 1879. L. P. Priest was appointed Constable for Precinct No. 2, August 13, 1879, vice Kirkley, resigned. A. M. Downing was appointed Constable for Precinct No. 7, August 12, 1879, vice Witherspoon, failed to qualify. J. E. Cobb was appointed Constable for Precinct No. 4, May 11, 1880, vice W. M. Holt, resigned. The record says that John Edwin Parker failed to qualify, but does not state who was appointed in his place.

Elected November 2, 1880: Thomas E. Boren, County Judge; H. Pollard, County Clerk; A. H. Baker, Jr., District Clerk; J. H. Long, County Attorney; A. H. Rowlett, County Treasurer; J. P. Forsythe, Sheriff; F. M. Dognall, Tax Assessor; J. M. Woolworth, Tax Collector, E. Sistrunk, County Surveyor; County Commissioners; A. B. Bryan, G. S. Espie, J. T. Holt, and N. L. of (V. L.) Davis; the following Justices of the Peace: for Precincts Nos. 1 to 8 both inclusive in the order named: Wm. F. Harris, L. P. Pruitt, E. Harkrider, J. R. Lake; E. G. Knight, M. Collins, J. L. Lindsey and S. P. Page and the following Constables, one for each of said Precincts in the same order: R. W. Bond, B. J. Martin, K. Brumble, Spencer Mydyett, J. E. Parker, L. H. Adams, A. T. Davis, and W. P. Wilson.



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