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Mineral Wells, Texas


Mineral Wells History 1922. In 1879 a postoffice was established called Ednaville. In the same year Captain Lynch dug the first well. It proved to be strong mineral and unfit for use. In 1882 another well was sunk, now known as the original Crazy Well. The name was changed to Mineral Wells in this year.

In the forty-one years of its existence it has developed from two wells to more than a hundred, from log houses and tents to brick and stucco, from a straggling population of a few scattered families to a town of 9,018. As a health resort it has long since passed the experimental stage and has become a recognized factor in restoring health by the medical fraternity.

From dispensing its waters by the primitive gourd it now dispenses them in the largest drinking pavilions in the world. From entertaining a few families coming in mule and ox-drawn vehicles it now entertains 150.000 visitors annually coming by train and automobile from every state in the union and many foreign countries. - History of Texas, 1922, by W. Barrett Travis.


Mineral Wells, TX 32° 48' 30.4596" N, 98° 6' 46.1592" W