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Leon County History 1940

In Normangee, home of the Old San Antonio Road Association, is the site of El Camino Real, The Old San Antonio Road "First blazed in 1691 by Captain Don Domingo Teran de Los Rios, first provincial Governor of Texas, in an expedition officially directed by Father Fray Damian Massanet O. F. M. Apostolic Missionary and Explorer in Texas. The general route was northeast from the Rio Grande to the San Antonio River, thence across the Guadalupe, San Marcos, Colorado, Brazos and Trinity Riyers to the Missions in East Texas. Other expeditions taking the same route : Espinosa . . . Olivares Aguirre in 1709 . . St. Denis in 1714 . . . Raman in 1716 . . . Alarcon in 1718 . . . Marquis of Aguayo in 1720 . . . Moses Austin in 1820. . . . The Republic of Texas officially made this road a boundary between a number of Empresarial Land Grants."

Historic Sites and Grave Markers—The first Courthouse built in Leon County.—In Leona "a Log Building was erected in 1846. County Officials installed November 12, 1846. Geo. V. Lusk, Chief Justice; Wm. Childress, Probate Judge; Israel P. Reinhardt, County Clerk ; Wm. B. Middleton, Sheriff; David Foster, Coroner ; Baxter King, Assessor and Collector; Commissioners John C. Smith, Robert Steele, Samuel Davis, James Evans. The County Seat was moved in 1850 to Centerville."

John Durst—"Came to Texas in 1821; Owner of the Old Stone Fort in Nacogdoches in 1835. Moved to Leon County in 1844, his wife being the First Anglo-American Woman Resident of the County. Born in Arkansas Feb. 4, 1797. Died, February 9, 1851. His wife, Harriet M. (Jamison) Durst born in Virginia Feb. 5, 1807. Died, September 23, 1885." Durst Family Cemetery, two miles East of Leona.

William B. Middleton—" A participant in the Mier Expedition, 1842; First Sheriff of Leon County. Born in Illinois August 4, 1819. Died March 17, 1877. His first wife, Mary J. Potts Middleton, was born Sept. 9, 1823. Died May 5, 1874. In memory of Benoni Middleton who died in prison in Mexico while a prisoner of the Mier Expedition." Makamson Cemetery, one mile Southwest of Leona.

At Fort Boggy "a Blockhouse was constructed in 1840 as Headquarters for the Boggy and Trinity Rangers commanded by Captain Thomas N. B. Greer. A Community retained the name Fort Boggy for a number of years." Five miles South of Centerville, U. S. Highway 75.

R. Baxter King—"Who participated in the Battle of Salado Creek, Bexar County, and joined the Mier Expedition, 1842. First Tax Collector of Leon County. Born in Tennessee. Died in 1872." King Family Cemetery, near Middleton.  

East Texas : its history and its makers. c1940, by T. C. Richardson.


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