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Panna Maria, Texas


Panna Maria History 1857. From Goliad to San Antonio, Olmsted describes his journey as over “an undulating surface of very rich but light soil, covered with close, fine mesquite grass, and other shrubs and trees. Much of it is still uninhabited prairie. We passed but one American settlement—the little town of Helena, which had just been built. About five miles above, on the west bank, a sort of religious colony of Silesian Poles has been established. One or two hundred arrived on the ground in February, 1855, seven hundred more in the autumn, and some five hundred additional in 1856. The site was chosen by the ghostly father who accompanied them, without discrim­ination, and the spot has proved so unhealthy as to induce a desertion of about one-half the survivors, who have made a settlement in the eastern, upper corner of Medina county.” This Polish settlement near Helena was called Panna Maria, and many descendants of the original families are found in different parts of Southwest Texas. - Olmstead’s Account in 1857, A Twentieth Century History of Southwest Texas; Chicago: Lewis Pub. Co., 1907, page 188


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