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Navasota, Texas

Navasota, Texas History, Genealogy, Old Photos, Postcards, Maps, and Information.

Navasota is located on a bend of the Navasota River at the intersection of State Highway 105 and Farm roads 3090 and 1227 in southeastern Grimes County.


Birds Eye View, Navasota, Texas 1910sNavasota was first named Hollandale for Francis Holland, who bought land in the area in 1822. In 1832 a Georgia planter named Daniel Arnold moved to the vicinity. In 1848 James Nolan set up some tents nearby, and by 1852 he had built a log cabin that became a stage stop. The settlement name was changed to Navasota (for the river) in 1854, when a post office was established there. After September 1859, when the Houston and Texas Central Railway built into the town, Navasota became even more important as a shipping and marketing center for the surrounding area. Cotton, gunpowder, and guns were stored there during the Civil War. By 1865 the population was about 2,700.

The town, however, suffered a series of disasters in the mid-1860s that severely depleted its population. In 1865 a warehouse filled with cotton and gunpowder exploded after it was torched by disgruntled Confederate veterans; the blast killed a number of people and started a fire that destroyed or damaged many buildings, including the post office. Not long afterward the town was struck by a deadly cholera epidemic, which was followed in 1867 by an even more dangerous epidemic of yellow fever. As many Navasota citizens, including the mayor, fled to escape the disease, the town population dropped by about 50 percent.  Continue reading Navasota History from the Handbook of Texas Online >>


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