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Schulenburg History 1902

Of the old settlers of Schulenburg may be mentioned first Mr. Chris. Baumgarten who by a great many people is called “The Father of Schulenburg,” not only on account of his age, but because there was no man who took more interest in build­ing up Schulenburg and promoting its industrial enterprises than he. Other old citizens of Schulenburg are Ernst Baumgarten  who established the first lumber yard in Schulenburg, R. Wolters, Sr., the capitalist, M. C. Levey, H. P. Schaefer, Max and Julius Schwartz, I. Russek, H. Graf, W. D. Keuper and a great many others. Of those who have died may be mentioned: Heinrich Schaefer (came to the United States in 1856, first settled at Round Top, came to Schulenbürg in 1872, died in 1885); Henry Perlitz and Paul Breymann, Sr.

The population .of the town is nearly entirely German with a sprinkling of Americans and Bohemians. Like all towns of South Texas, it has its share of negroes. The population numbers about 1200 inhabitants.

It has been remarked before that Schulenburg has a wide reputation for sociability and the splendor of its festivities. People who do not approve of feasts and the drinking incident thereto speak of this city as the “Free Republic of Schulen­burg,” a name that rather pleases the burghers. If people of .a prohibition stamp who condemn such feasts would only ‘once visit Schulenburg feast, the orderly. behavior of the guests; the innocent enjoyment of life with many harmless, humorous incidents would convince the most scrupulous that these feasts are really necessary to build up an independent contented, happy and strong race of people. The Turn Verein is an ardent promoter of these festivities.

A literary society which owns a fine library attends to the pertaining of a higher education and to elevating the moral tone of Schulenburg society to a higher plane.

The Schulenburg school is under the superintendence of a fine teacher, Prof. M. W. Meyer who has prepared himself thoroughly for his work.

There are five lodges in Schulenburg: Odd Fellows, Joseph Berger, N. G., M. T. Everton, Secretary; Knights of Pythias, Joseph Stanley, C. C., Gus Ulrich, Secretary; United

Workmen (Robert Blum Lodge), M. C. Levey, M. W., Wm. Keuper, jr., recorder; Hermann’s Sons, Emil Schulz, President, H. Beniker, Secretary, Masons, Dr. I. E. Clark, W. M., Fred. Ebeling, Secretary.

Most of the people of Schulenburg and neighborhood are communicants of the Catholic church. Schulenburg has a fine Catholic church of which Rev. Father Mathis is the priest. The other denominations ; Lutheran. Christian, Methodist, Baptist, etc., own together a church building, called the Union church, in which preachers from other communities explain the scripture of Our Lord and show the audience how to walk the way of righteousness.



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