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Fayetteville History 1902

Below follows a list of the oldest settlers of Fayetteville, prepared by Prof. Wm. Eilers, and a list of the oldest Bohemian settlers, prepared by Judge Tom Hruska. They will no doubt be most acceptable to the readers and recall to a great many - of them the memory of their dead friends.    

First settlers of the Fayetteville neighborhood :—Jack Crier, was assassinated, when he was over one hundred years old, near Ellinger; Sam Ross, after whom Ross Prairie was named; ____ Grover, son-in-law of Jack Crier; Neil Munn; Klave Jarmon; Jim Gay and R. Gay, after whom Gay’s Hill was named; Sidney Gregory; Kidd Clark; W. Cook; the Breeding family which numbered thirty-seven members; Nic. Ware, relatives to Tanner, the Barnetts, near Biegel settlement; Geo. Turner; Jim Groce; ____ Thompson; Markham Hill; Monroe Hill; S. Zeal; J. E. Pearsall; P. Munger; ____ Don­athan; J. P. Schaefer; ____ Frels (1848); ____ Beyer; Wash. Cummings, after whom Cumming’s Creek was named; G. M. T. Webb; J. F. Johnson ; A. B. F. Kerr, a justice of the peace; Jacob F. Dirr; Wilhelm Wiedemann; ____ Ellerbusch; Henry Birkmann; Hermann Hildebrandt; Hillebrandts at Biegel; Hermann Hillmann; Ludwig Hillmann: C. H. Hillmann; Henry Kiesel; ____ Maschek; Wm. Luecke; Chas. Luecke; Capt. Fisher; R. J. Zimmerman; Dr. Benno Matthes. Most of these parties have died or moved away to other places.

First Bohemian settlers:—Tom Batla; deceased, came to Fayetteville in 1853; Vinc. Rypel in 1854; both came from Bohemia; Jos., John and Paul Wychopen, Jos. Lastovica, Jos. Jecmenek, Paul Jecmenek, all deceased, and Jos. Hlawaty, still living, came from Moravia to Fayetteville in 1853; John Hruska, John Odlozelik, Frank Horak, Jos. Horak, the latter still living, came from Moravia to Fayetteville in 1856.

The present officers of Fayetteville are: Henry Tauch, mayor; Conrad Bertsch, marshal: Dr. C. J. Schramm, O. A., Vetter, John R. Kubena, Geo. Zoll and John Helble, aldermen.



Sigbert Frank Steves, born at Crefeld, Kreis Geldern, Prussia, in 1838. Came to Fayetteville in 1853. Died there.

Chas. Aug. Langlotz was born at Schoenfeld, Saxony, Feb. 23, 1826. He came to Houston in 1848, and moved from there to Fayette­ville in 1850, where he still lives.

Other old settlers were:____ Brandt, ____ Wiak [or Wink], ____ Kaufmann, Hugo Zapp, Sr., _____ Dietrich, ____ Meyer, ____ Kirsch, ____ Gloeckner, ____Schaefer, Dr. ____ Mathis, ____Donaldson, and ____ Donath.

Old settlers in the Fayetteville vicinity: ____ Meitzen, ____ Meitzen, ____ Stelzig, Dr. ____Shaw.

Old settlers of Biegel P. O: Mr. B. Scherer came to Biegel in 1834 from Switzerland.

John Christodemus Helble settlei at Biegel in 1844. He left for the gold fields in California in 1849 and returned in 1851. He died some years ago over, 80 years of age.

Other old settlers were: ____ Biegel, ____Andre, ____ Meyer, .____Tschiedel (still living).

FayetteCounty, Her History and Her People, Schulenburg, Texas, 1902, Pages 340-350


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