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Camp Rusk, Texas

Camp Rusk wasocated on the south bank of the North Sulphur River at Treadmill Lake one mile west of Ben Franklin in Delta County.


Camp Rusk was established in the fall of 1861 as the training site for the Ninth Texas Infantry. The site was chosen by Col. Samuel Bell Maxey upon his return from Richmond in October with an officer's commission and authorization to raise a regiment of infantry composed of companies from Northeast Texas. Lt. James Patteson, Sr., who remained on Maxey's staff throughout the war, supervised the drill instruction of the Ninth, and his brother, Bernard M. Patteson, headed a commissary department that was called upon to furnish twelve large beef cattle daily and to operate three grain mills continuously in order to supply bread.

In November 1861 Col. William Hugh Young wrote that he was en route to Colonel Maxey's camp in the southwest corner of Lamar County (now northwest Delta County) to complete the muster of the Ninth Regiment. The ten companies were composed of men from Lamar, Red River, Titus, Grayson, Fannin, Hopkins, and Collin counties. In December an outbreak of measles, along with poor water supplies, caused Maxey to abandon Camp Rusk in favor of a site farther north in Fannin County. The epidemic claimed several men, who were buried in unmarked graves at the Fannin encampment.

On January 5, 1862, Maxey prepared to march off to war by writing his last will and testament, and on the following day, the Ninth left Texas for battles at Shiloh, Corinth, Chickamauga, Atlanta, Missionary Ridge, and Perryville. In the early 1900s a flood-control channel was cut through Treadmill Lake. In 1989 no trace remained of the lake or Camp Rusk. A historical marker was placed at the site in 1967 by the Texas Historical Commission. Source: Handbook of Texas Online'

Old Camp Rusk. (Southern Boundary, 1861) A training camp of Texas 9th Infantry Regiment, Confederate States of America. Named for Gen. Thomas Rusk, early Texas leader, activated, 1861, when Texas State Senator Sam Bell Maxey resigned office, raised militia known as Lamar Rifles of Light Infantry. Other local militia combined with Maxey's to form 9th Regiment. Regiment left here, Dec. 1861; fought many battles including famous ones at Shiloh, Corinth, Mobile, Chickamauga, Atlanta, New Hope Church, Missionary Ridge, Murfreesboro and Perryville. - Historical Marker Text 1967.  Marker reported missing.


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