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Hereford, Texas


Deaf Smith County 1922. Hereford, the county seat, was laid off, plotted and named when the railroad was built through the county in 1898. It took its name from a herd of pure bred, registered cattle of that famous breed then maintained near the location of the present town, on the Tierra Blanco Creek, one of the tributaries of the Prairie Dog Town Fork of Red River.

The growth of the town has been slow but gradual and constant especially in quality.

A handsome court house, with marble outside walls, was built a few years ago, which is commodious and convenient and up-to-date in every way. The town was incorporated in 1906 and in 1912 adopted the commission form of government with a mayor and two commissioners.

There are five or six church organizations, which have comfortable places of worship, and two of them, the Christian and the Methodist churches, have handsome, new brick buildings arranged and equipped in the latest way. The town is well supplied with a modern sanitary sewer system, with over seven miles of sewer lines, and with an excellent water works system, both of which are owned and operated by the city. A beginning has been made in the formation of a public library, which is being added to from year to year and now contains several hundred volumes of well-selected books. It will soon be of good size and great usefulness.

The city has fifteen blocks of well-paved streets and more in contemplation. An excellent electric plant is in operation furnishing lights and power all over town.

Two good schools supply the educational needs of the community. The Grammar School is a handsome three-story brick building erected a few years ago. The High School will soon have to be provided with a larger, better and more modern building. Now that the constitution has been amended so as to make a new building financially possible the progressive spirit of the community may be trusted to vote the money to get it.

The population, including the incorporated limits and the addition, is about 2,500. - History of Texas, 1922, by W. Barrett Travis.


Hereford, TX 34° 48' 54.2232" N, 102° 23' 51.7344" W