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San Antonio in 1903

San Antonio in 1903


The city during the past two years has experienced considerable improvements in the way of new buildings constructed and the prospects are very favorable for a good revival in the building trade. Several very large buildings are in the near future a strong possi­bility. Quite a number of new manufactories have been started, and the outlook is very favorable for a number of others to be established.

A market, with hall above, costing $45,000 and capable of seating 4,000 people, is one of the attractions of the city.

A magnificent public library building, costing $45,000 has been constructed.

The city has finished the construction of a good many miles of asphalt streets, which cost $500,000.

Our city is enjoying a greater amount of prosperity than ever before in its history.

San Antonio ranks first among the cities of the state, in trade, population and taxable values. The assessed valuation is $36,000.000.

Fire Department—The City of San Antonio has four new steam fire engines and six hose trucks, two chemical fire engines, two hook and ladder trucks, five hose wagons, about thirty-two horses, nine stations and halls.

Water Works—There are 180 miles of water mains distributed over the city and about 650 fire hydrants, one large reservoir, two pump houses. The main source of our water supply is from artesian wells.

Street Railways—There are forty-five miles of electric street railway and 100 street railway cars.

The San Antonio river is spanned with thirteen iron wagon bridges and six wooden wagon bridges.

San Antonio has two public natatoriums erected by private parties.

San Antonio is the wealthiest city in the state.. The statements of the National banks, with the well-known stability of the private banking institutions, demonstrates this fact.

As a health resort it ranks equal to any city in the country, for the cure of throat and lung trouble; the atmosphere is pure and dry, and the city is 650 feet above tide water.

The city has 54 schools, private and public, with property valued at $1,500,000.

Our public school system is one of the finest in the South, and with the additional school houses constructed during the past two years, accommodations sufficient to meet the present population have been provided. We can well pride ourselves on having a number of private schools equal to any in the country, and our city is known as one of the educa­tional centres of the South.

The value of the buildings constructed during the past two years reached about $3.000,000. Our architects and contractors expect better business in the building line during 1903-1904:

The city has a magnificent sewer system, equal to any in the country.

A Business Men's Club, ranking among its members the leading capitalists, bankers and merchants, the purposes of same being the fostering, promoting, and introduction of manufacturing establishments in our city, is a feature of the city.

- General Directory and Blue Book of the CIty of San Antonio, 1903-1904, by Jules A. Appler, compiled from Oct. 1 to Oct. 26, 1902.

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