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Lufkin Businesses 1888

Mr. Shearer is the proprietor of the Lufkin Brickyard, and is a contractor and builder well posted in his business. He is the constructor of the brick buildings in Lufkin, and his work shows that he understands his business. He has invested in real estate here, and Lufkin. claims him as a bona fide citizen.

J. KERR & Co.
This firm deals in dry goods, groceres, hardware and saddlery. They have been long established in the county, having moved hero from Homer.

Is a dealer in all kinds of fancy and family groceries, canned goods, tobacco &c. He also has a barber shop attached, where work is done in a finished and stylish manner.

This gentleman residing and having his office at Luf kin, is an Attonoy at Law, the present County Attorney and also a Real Estate and Collection Agent. Having on hand a complete abstract of all land titles in Angelina County, his services are invaluable to any party buying or selling land in the county. Being ex-County Surveyor he is thoroughly posted as to the quality and value of land, now in the market or which may be offered for sale.

Next door to the post office is to be found the store of Mr. J. M. Noell, who keeps on hand a general supply of general merchandise. This establishment is presided over by Mr. C. M. Noell, business manager, and Mr. Wm. Noell, head salesman. They carry a full line of dry goods, notions. tobacco, cigars, hardware, cuttlery, chinaware crockeryware, etc.. This house transacts an annual business of from twenty to thirty thousand dollars.

The proprietor of this house is one who knows the value of printer's ink, and the rapid increasing of his business shows the correctness of his judgment in that respect. His store is "brimfull of seasonable bargains." Among other attractions, he has shoes, ginghams, oil dress prints, laces and ribbons, ladies' straw hats, gents' clothing, etc.; in fact he carries a magnificent line of dry goods, groceries and general merchandise. Mr. Abram also .has an extensive establishment in Tyler. Mr, J. E. Mc Pherson, a popular and worthy young business man, is Mr. Abram's book-keeper and enjoys the confidence of both his employer and his customers.



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