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Frankel City, Texas

Frankel City, once called Fullerton, is located at the junction of Farm roads 181 and 1967 in western Andrews County.


Frankel City began with the county's oil boom. It was established as Fullerton in 1941 with the drilling of a discovery well by the Fullerton Oil Company. During World War II other wells were drilled, and by 1945 there were reportedly 100 rigs drilling in a five-by-eight-mile area. Several companies opened oilfield supply stores and built camps on the sand hills in the area for about 750 workers and their families. Students were bused to Andrews, which had the only school in the county. A post office opened in 1948 with G. W. Blanchard as postmaster, and the town was renamed Frankel City after the Frankel Brothers Oil Company. Skeet Morris was the community's first and only mayor. As drilling was completed in the area the town began to decline, and on March 12, 1976, its post office closed. At one time the town had several stores and filling stations, two cafés, two churches, and a telephone exchange. By the 1980s Frankel City comprised a café, a house, a mobile home, and an estimated population of eleven.

Frankel City. In 1941 the Fullerton Oil Company of California struck oil near this site, and by 1945 more than 100 drilling rigs were in operation. The discovery brought great numbers of workers into the area, resulting in the establishment of the town of Fullerton. Located approximately one mile north, Fullerton provided newcomers with two churches, two cafes, two filling stations, a grocery store, delicatessen, beauty shop, and Andrews telephone exchange. Buses transported children to and from school in Andrews (16 miles SE). By the end of World War II, the boom town also boasted supply stores, oil field service companies, welding shops, and an electric plant. Fullerton's name was changed to Frankel City when the U.S. post office was established in 1948. At one time the post office served as many as 500 area families. By 1976, however, most of the oil had been taken from the ground, and workers in the field were laid off or transferred to other jobs. The town was abandoned as the post office and other businesses closed. The old Prairie Schooner Cafe, moved to this site from its original location, is all that is left of Frankel City. The ghost town, however, remains an important part of West Texas history. - Historical Marker Text. Marker erected 1984.  Location: From Andrews, take U.S. 87 west about 12 miles to intersection of FM 181 and U.S. 87.


32° 23' 3.408" N, 102° 46' 55.632" W