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Frankston History 1936

Preachers to this time: Reverends Morrow, Mooney, and C. F. Johnson had served one-fourth time. Under last named, church grew and in 1911 voted, for the first time, to employ Brother Johnson for one-half time on a stipulated salary. The church was painted at this time, also, and renewed interest was manifested in its various activities—the Sunday School, in particular, making remarkable strides. One of the outstanding additions to the church during Brother Johnson's pastorate was W. R. Burks, one of the deacons, today. Outstanding members who labored faithfully those struggling years were: J. H. Forster, superintendent for ten years, and his faithful wife, M. E. Cook, Ida Stringfield, "Grandma" White, deceased; Mr. and Mrs. Frank Steagall, "Grandma" D. Garrett, deceased; Mrs. Ed Burks, and others.

Two young members were called to the ministry from this church, Archie Taylor and W. R. White. The last named, now pastor in Oklahoma City, served as General Secretary of Baptists of Texas for two years. Rev. Mr. White served the church as pastor during 1913-14. He had grown up in the church and had great influence with his congregation. The Master's cause prospered mightily during his pastorate. F. C. Steagall, Winnie, Mildred, and Ray Perry, and Mrs. Jim Jones were some of the notable additions under his preaching.

Rev. R. E. Day succeeded Rev. Mr. White, to serve two years, till September 1916. A great union Revival meeting begun by Rev. Sid Williams, was continued by Rev. Mr. Day and Rev. Mr. Bigger, the Methodist pastor. Over 200 additions to the churches resulted. B. L. Garrett, Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Curry were amongst the new Baptist recruits. Rev. Mr. Squires followed Brother Day, to be succeeded by Rev. J. D. Dunham, who served during the period of the World War.

Rev. W. Bilbro came in 1919, to be followed in succession by Rev. Mr. Wakefield, Rev. A. H. Mahaffey and Rev. C. R. Shirar, ministerial students from Fort Worth. In 1925, the church called its first full time preacher, Rev. J. J. Strickland.

And in 1926, another forward step was taken, when a parsonage was secured and Rev. D. P. Cagle installed in same.

Foregoing facts were gleaned from "Retrospect," a fine article published by Mrs. C. P. Jones in November 1926. To this Mrs. G. H. Moss has added: "Our present church was built in 1929, Rev. D. P. Cagle, pastor at time. First services in new building were held in 1929.

"Our present pastor, Rev. F. L. Gayer, came to us from Louisiana in 1930. He was educated at Baylor University, and Fort Worth Seminary. When he came our membership was 331. Today we have 473. He has served the church, town, and surrounding country nobly. Some of our active members are: Miss Blanche Oldham, Dr. and Mrs. M. A. King, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Perry, Mr. and Mrs. B. L. Garrett, Mrs. M. A. Cook, Mrs. C. P. Jones, Mr. Reagan Jones, Mrs. Will Younger."

- A Centennial History of Anderson County, Texas, 1936 by Pauline Buck Hohes.



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